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My son's bright, happy, everything he wanted bedroom

Hey there,

I finished my son's bedroom re-do just in time for him to open the door on Christmas morning.  I worked the whole week prior to get this room done.  He said what color he was wanting and that he wanted it to be bright and happy and relaxing.  Well, I do believe he got all that.  This room turned out fantastic if I may say so myself.  I repainted his furniture, found several things at the Salvation Army and found some really good bargains in my quest to keep this redo in budget. Lets take a look around shall we?


I can feel the page turning in my life.  You know how your life is made up of chapters, like a good book, each chapter reveals new memories, life happenings that challenge you, uplift you and everything in between.  I know that it's because I am staring down the barrel of 50...I will be 48 at my next bd... can't even believe it.  I still have the same thoughts, feelings and urges that I did when I was in my early 20's but lets just say the outside doesn't match the inside.  There are some of you who will know exactly what I'm talking about and others who will think, "um, yeah that doesn't apply to me cause I'm young and carefree".  Well I'm here to tell ya, it's coming and in the blink of an eye you will be analyzing your life and wondering where the heck the time has gone.  Don't get me wrong, with time.... patience becomes more readily available, the ability to roll with the punches gets easier.  The sunrise and sunsets become more beautiful and the sound of laughing and spending quality time with the ones that you love become more important than being right or getting your point across or even a spotless home. Things have definitely changed a lot this past year for me and my family.
I had the pleasure of witnessing my husband of almost 25 years perform the marriage ceremony for our oldest son and the love of his life.
 Had my soon to be daughter in law move in with us during her pregnancy
and the birth of my 3rd grandchild.
 The joy of living with my latest grandchild is overwhelming.
The smile that comes shining out of those eyes is magnificent.
 There have been challenges to put it mildly,
but we continue to grow as a family and genuinely love those we live with.  Yes, that is quite a chapter in this life story of mine.  Today as I write this, I am thinking of my daughter Kristy.
Today she turns 30.  The thought of me being old enough to have a 30 year old, really kinda makes me catch my breath.  30 years ago today I became a mom forever.
 The memories of those days of being a young mother and how scary and awesome it all was are heavy on my mind today.  Yes, it is her birthday today.
 She has grown to become a strong woman and a fierce mom to my 2 granddaughters.
  She has a soft heart but a stubborn mind.... those combinations alone have caused us to butt heads periodically through the years.  Thankfully we have always been able to put aside any disagreements and cherish the fact that we love each other even though we can drive each other nuts.  :) We are just a like... no doubt about it.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart, I love you to the moon and back.  Like so many of you who are reading this, I am reflecting on the chapters of my life.  Making a conscience effort to stop and smell the roses.  Cherish the time I have with the people I love.  Not participate in drama that I have no control over and be grateful for all that God has provided me on this earth.
I look to this new year, like most, as a new beginning.  A page turning..... I'm ready for family memories to be made, self awareness to be had and laughing more.  My favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson;

"To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, weather by health of a child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded"

May we all strive to this as we turn yet another page in our life story.  Happy new year my friends, I pray that you are blessed all year long.  Yes, kind of a heavy post, but my oldest turned 30 today......and I feel it in my bones.  I will share my son's room re-do next time.
Blessings to you,

Christmas around the house

Hey there,
Christmas is in full swing around here.  Most days, there are boxes, wrapping paper and packages just waiting to be wrapped.  I am on the hunt for the "perfect" gifts for everyone and really feeling like time is just moving way too fast.  I wish that slowing down was something you could just go to the store and buy and push a button and poof.... time has now slowed.... ahh wouldn't that be an awesome gift? Nevertheless, time marches on and we go right along with it.  I think that one of the things that I would like to work on in the future is savoring the moments a little better.  I do try to do that now to a certain extent but it just seems like I am still so busy most of the time.  Anyhoo, lets have a look around for some inspiration shall we.