Christmas in the Guest Room

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We are in the full swing of meal preparation for Thanksgiving in just 2 days!!! Can't even believe that it's already here.

 The house is of course already decorated for Christmas because I love the glow that Christmas decor brings to the house and I have so much of it and want to enjoy it longer than 2-3 weeks.  That being said when the house guests arrive on Thanksgiving, they will quickly be immersed in Christmas Cheer! :) Today I wanted to share with you my guest room.
 I have made every effort to make this room as inviting and cozy as possible for when guests need a place to stay.  Occasionally when hubby is snoring particularly loud, I will escape to the guest room myself.  The bed that is in here is our old queen size bed that we had prior to moving into this house.  When we moved here we bought a king size bed for the master bedroom, you can read all about that here.
This room is filled with some of my favorite finds and some things I have made.  I hope that you will see something that inspires you in your decorating adventures.  Lets take a look around.
I found this recently at a local Salvation Army store on their "wacky Wednesday" half price days.  I believe I got it for $2.00.  I thought it would go perfectly in the bedroom with the moon and all being in it.
I have always loved this picture with Santa and Baby Jesus, I printed in out from the web and put it in this old frame.  It always makes an appearance at Christmas.  The figures have been collected through the years.  
 I painted this bed a couple of years ago and my Granddaughter thought it would be fun to peel the paint off of it... as you can see on the end.  Part of me wants to touch it up but another part kind of likes the history :) me sentimental.
The mirror was another Salvation Army find and the shutters were found when I was out with my mom junkin one day.  Lately I have been thinking about painting them black... hmmm what do you think?  To paint or not to paint... that is the question. 
That picture above the lamp I found while I was in Destin.  It is a beach scene and looks just like a spot that we walked on while there.  Every time I look at it, it takes me right back there. Sorry, I will have to get a close up shot later and show you.  The cow painting was my mother in laws and I will always treasure it because she loved it.  The picture on top of the shelf was given to me by my mother, it used to be hers and the red lantern used to hang in my grannies den when I was growing up.  The cabinet that the big ginormous fan is sitting on was a curb find and you can read about it here. 
This little shelf was found in a storage shed at the last house, it was covered in 10 years worth of dirt and dust.... unlike the 2 months of dust currently on it... ha, yeah just noticed that.  This houses the old camera collection and the wooden pots that I got on my travels to Haiti. I also have a stone on the bottom shelf that I picked up while I was at the Citadelle Laferriere.  

Funny story about trying to go through customs with that rock.  I will tell about it another time. 

Well, that's it for now.  I hope that you all have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving with those you surround yourself with.
Blessings to you,
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