Buffalo Check Curtains....DIY way!

I knew that when we moved into our forever home that I wanted black and white buffalo check curtains.  I have seen them in all of the farmhouse style blogs for a while now and I just loved the simple yet bold statement that they made in a room.
This is one of my favorite rooms in blogland.
 I love how Lauren has done this space, and those windows.... I knew that I wanted those curtains.  Oh by the way, her whole house is amazing and you will love taking the entire tour.
However..... have you priced them?  OMG.. aparently I'm not the only one who loves them.  Just look at the cost here at Country Curtains!   Ummm nope, not a chance that hubby was gonna be on board with that!  I knew that I was gonna have be a little more creative to get what I wanted.  So I started searching for the best price on the material to make my own.  I found my answer here.  I needed 3 yards per panel for my windows.  I ordered 12 yards of material and received it within the same week!  At $54.00 per window, I could totally do this!  It really is a nice quality material and I was ecstatic to get it so quickly. All I needed to do was hem the entire thing and hang them on these clips.
Here is another favorite of mine.

Oh my, just look at these....
no not curtains...but I am loving them!  I couldn't locate the link for them to give credit. I hope that if you are in need of curtains and can't afford to just go buy what you want, you will check out this little Etsy shop .

  I love how they look in the room and am currently looking to do the same thing in my home office.  I am having trouble deciding what material I want for that space, but I will certainly be getting it from Fabric Supply Co.  What about you?  Have you found a good deal on window treatments?  I would love to hear your suggestions.  I hope to get the Christmas decor up for the next post.  Until next time,
Blessings to you,

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