Christmas around the house

Hey there,
Christmas is in full swing around here.  Most days, there are boxes, wrapping paper and packages just waiting to be wrapped.  I am on the hunt for the "perfect" gifts for everyone and really feeling like time is just moving way too fast.  I wish that slowing down was something you could just go to the store and buy and push a button and poof.... time has now slowed.... ahh wouldn't that be an awesome gift? Nevertheless, time marches on and we go right along with it.  I think that one of the things that I would like to work on in the future is savoring the moments a little better.  I do try to do that now to a certain extent but it just seems like I am still so busy most of the time.  Anyhoo, lets have a look around for some inspiration shall we.

Christmas in the Guest Room

Hey there,
We are in the full swing of meal preparation for Thanksgiving in just 2 days!!! Can't even believe that it's already here.

Buffalo Check Curtains....DIY way!

I knew that when we moved into our forever home that I wanted black and white buffalo check curtains.  I have seen them in all of the farmhouse style blogs for a while now and I just loved the simple yet bold statement that they made in a room.
This is one of my favorite rooms in blogland.

Fall on the Porches

Hey there,
I know that it has been incredibly long since my last post in January.... I guess I lost my mojo.  There are a variety of reasons why I have not been posting that I may share sometime in the future, but for the moment, lets just say I did loose my mojo and well, I have missed this little blog.  I have started and stopped this post as a matter of fact several times and just decided to just go ahead and dive in.  I know I am late to the party and as we speak have boxes for Christmas decor sitting all around. Perhaps you will see something that will inspire you currently or in the future.  Thank you to those of you who checked in on me to make sure that I was still alive and to let me know that they were thinking of me.  I was humbled to say the least. The connections that I have formed with this little blog has been something that I will always treasure.  OK, with all that being said, lets get on with the inspiration.
Lets start with the front porch.

I made this little planter using an old military box and added some feet to it.

Before and after Master Bedroom

I can't tell you how good it feels to be in our home.