We are moving!

Hi all,
for those who do not know, we have bought a home and are moving this weekend.  After 8 years of renting, it feels good to finally be homeowners again.  I will be posting pictures as soon as I unpack my camera ;).  We are in the full swing of the move and this weekend will be a very busy one.
 I did want to let you all in on one of my recent finds that I have found to be pretty awesome.  I am very interested in reducing my families footprint on the environment and prefer to use my own bags when we go to the grocery store.  We do shop at Aldi and you have to bring your own bags there so when I read another bloggers review of these, well I had to try them.
 These bags are super.  They are self contained in a zippered pouch that folds out to become a bag also.  They are well made and very roomy.
They fit nicely in the basket and make it super easy to sort all the groceries while loading.  At Walmart, I simply tell the cashier that I will bag my own so that she doesn't have to worry about it, they usually really like that.  Bringing the groceries into the house is a breeze, the straps are super strong too.  
I especially like the cold bag and how it zips closed.
Seriously,  you need these bags!  I have not been compensated for this, I just really really love my eco bags and know that you will too.  Here is a link to the website MY ECO 4-IN-1 BAGS  .  Be sure and let me know if you get some and what you think about this awesome set of bags.
See you after the move

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