Pillows.... Pillows.....Pillows

Well it has been said that practice makes perfect.... well, I haven't perfected my pillow making ability but I'm definitely getting better at it. Here is what I have made over the summer.

This one I made for the chair that I reupholstered. I am particularly proud of the piping that I put around it. (my first time doing that) :)
I made 2 of each of these to go onto the couch.  I love blue ticking fabric.
This one I made after being inspired by the one that they have in Pottery Barn.  This was made from a flag that was found at the Goodwill.  
I found about 3 yards of this Toile fabric along with some black and cream at the Salvation Army recently.  (more pillows to make ;) I also made 2 of the blue ticking lumbar pillows.  
The one on the settee I made the piping to go around it... all by myself ;)
It really is kind of therapeutic to sew.  I am only just now starting to really enjoy sewing, kind of funny but sewing is the reason I flunked Home Economics in high school.  Yeah, I flunked Home Economics!   Thanks for hanging out here a while, have a great day.

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