My first upholstery project

I was so intimidated to try to upholster anything other than a chair bottom, you know the kind where you unscrew the seat, cover it with new material, staple it down and screw the seat back down.  I have done that several times.  This on the other hand was going to need a little more effort.
I had gotten this from my sister in laws home as we were cleaning it out after she passed away. I believe that this was my mother in laws at one time. I thought that this piece would be the perfect thing to use as a first time upholstery project, I mean, I obviously couldn't hurt it....

I loved the shape of it and it was the perfect size to sit at the foot of a bed or even as extra seating in the living room. This was going to be a tough one though. I needed to replace the weaving in both sides as well as add new padding and fabric. I just dove in and I have to say, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I think it came out pretty good. I was inspired by a post that Marian over at Miss Mustard Seed did where she was doing a tutorial on upholstering a chair.She inspired me to just jump in an do the best I could. I removed all the old fabric, carefully so that I could use the pieces as a pattern, I painted the frame and added new foam and batting. I worked hard on this piece and I think for my first real upholstery project, it came out fabulous. It's certainly not perfect, but it's perfect for me.

I used Miss Mustard Seeds Milk paints in Curio first then went over that with Trophy. I distressed it and sealed it with hemp oil. How about you? Are you scared to just jump in and try upholstering? I know I was, but when I finally did it, I felt a surg of confidence and decided to do another piece that I had been putting off because yes, I too was too scared to try.
 I will be posting about it soon. Go ahead, do it, you might just surprise yourself and save a ton of money too! Thanks for visiting,

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