For the Love of Architectural Salvage

I love love love architectural salvage!  You all know that I am all about re-purposing and upcycling.  I mean how can you not love reusing something that was cool to begin with for something even more cooler... (sorry for improper English)

I love it, I hope to have a shutter wall someday... I'm currently building my collection ;) I recently was inspired by this...
This is from the
blog 12th and White and it instantly inspired me!  See I have had this table base for a couple of years. I found it in a pile of trash on the side of the road. I had made it into a table at one point when I redid the back porch.  Well, the top of the table kinda fell apart from being exposed to the weather.  I ended up removing the top and just turned the base on it's side and set it on a table for architectural interest and to further "age" it. Here is what I started with.
I knew that if I could somehow drill it out through the middle I could make myself a lamp. After looking through my stash of drill bits I knew that I would have to find another way. I didn't have a bit long enough to go through this huge base. Fortunately, the guys in the machine shop where I work could do it for me. (I am the health services nurse in a manufacturing environment) I was able to purchase the supplies for the lamp from Lowes, found the lamp shade at The HOME store and used 2 old napkin rings to cover the top of the long rod that runs though the middle. I also added 4 pieces of scrap wood to the bottom to keep it from sitting on the cord. I love how this turned out and for less than $20.00 I got a pretty cool lamp out of the deal.


Oh and hey, this has nothing to do with this post but I just had to share, I am so obsessing over this refrigerator... a refrigerator of all things, but oh my..... just look at this darn thing....
Ok, thats it for now. You know you want that fridge too.... Thanks for visiting, chow

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