Where has the time gone?

My, my, my, apparently time has put on a pair of rocket skates and has punched the button into overdrive.  I have been absent for quite some time and it is for a number of factors.  I'm still working on "me" and dealing with the daily challenges that goes along with adrenal fatigue.  Our family was recently given some news that has rocked me to the core.  I am unable to share this information but I know that life will never be the same.  This has made it hard to focus on anything.  I am slowly trying to regain my balance and perspective but it is very very difficult.
 In addition, we are in the full swing of tornado season here in Moore, Oklahoma and that alone is a major pain in the ars!  Please be patient with me and my little blog.

My husband and I are in the process of finding our "forever" home.  We have found a couple of neighborhoods that we are interested in but haven't settled on one just yet.  We are planning on moving after our middle child graduates from high school.  It has been good to just get out of the house and tour different homes while we try to decide what we do like and don't like, what we agree on and disagree on in the pursuit of our dream home.  We have been looking mainly at Craftsman style homes and also some that are what I would consider French County.  I thought that I would share what we have been looking at and considering.

There are things about this home that I love and others... not so much.  I would prefer a larger front porch and I'm not crazy about the rounded windows in the office area.  I do love the kitchen that is in this home.
I love that the microwave and oven are separate and that the stove is gas.  (I hate when the microwave is above the stove).  This home also has a beautiful island that has a large sink.  
The utility room is connected to the master closet!  A feature that I just love.  This home is in the Mustang area and we are considering this area for around June or July of next year.   

This next home is in the Moore area in a brand new addition.  The cool thing is that this addition will be only 46 homes and they all will be 100% Geo Thermal.  Apparently that makes it about 60 to 70% more energy efficient than other new builds.  This addition will only have Craftsman style homes, a style that I have always loved.  Check out these pics from the 1 home that is available.  They are brand new to the area and the community should be finished within 2 years.  
I love the front porch and the windows.  The 3 car garage is a must for us.... the 3rd car will be all mine for my upcycle "stuff".  :)   
 I love the openness of the kitchen into the family room.  (I am not digging the microwave over the electric stove)  I have spoke to the builder who told me that he could certainly change it for a gas stove and in our design, the oven and microwave would be separate from the gas stove top.  I would also want the cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling.  That space above is just wasted.  I would like the smaller ones with glass doors to go on top of the cabinets with a nice hood area above the stove.
I love the wood floors, the bookshelves and those cute little windows above them.  I would change the ceiling fan for a cool shandy! :)
I love the bench area just inside from the garage!  Great place to toss the shoes off and hang the purse.  
The master has a awsome soaker tub and large shower.  (I would prefer to just have a walk in shower without the doors, but hey.... I could live with this.)
This also has the wonderful feature of the utility room connected to the master closet.  (LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea)  I'm sure that a woman came up with that idea!

Well there you have it.  That is what me and hubby have been doing for quite some time now.  It's our way of escaping and having alone time.  We enjoy dreaming of our forever home and while we wait and STASH LOTS OF CASH for the down payment we get to decide what we do and don't want.  It's for sure that we prefer the light and airy styles and more of the classic timeless style is what we are gravitating to.   I am working on several things at the moment for a huge garage sale that I hope to have sometime next month.  I will post more as I find the time.  


  1. I understand what you mean about time. I haven't blogged since last year when my dad got really sick and subsequently passed away. It's been hard to get back into the swing of things for sure. I hope you are feeling better. I love looking at houses and find it to be very therapeutic as well! As far as microwaves above stoves are concerned, I agree with you 100% and that's one of the things my husband changed out for us. It's very cumbersome actually and I much prefer it in a separate place. Also, the idea of the laundry in the master bedroom closet is genius!!!

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  2. I am so sorry about your dad, I know that pain and how it can affect even your own identity when a parent leaves this world. I know that it can be so hard sometimes to stay engaged in the things that bring you joy, sometimes the effort can feel overwhelming. It can be hard when you look around blog land and see how some ladies seem to have an endless supply of cash and time to do some really amazing things and then you look around and feel like "who in the world would even be interested in what I've got to say or that "so and so" isn't really all that impressing so I just won't put it out there. But I've been thinking that this whole blog thing is really about more than.... "look at what I've done" it's about connecting with other people who are like minded and are really interested in the person behind the dresser... so to speak. This is a community and a "diary" all wrapped up in one. Oh sure, there are those that are creating a good cash flow from this and I admire them. That may even be in the future for me. But at this point of my life I do have a lot of things going on with the family and I just can't devote the amount of time that perhaps someday I will be able to. That being said, I will still be putting things on the blog, but sometimes it may be furniture, sometimes it might just be venting, sometimes it may be about houses or whatever else is capturing my attenttion. Long story short..... Sugar, change your blog.... it's yours, it's you. Perhaps do a tribute to your dad. It's ok if you don't have a cool piece of new art to show, it's ok to just say hey, I'm still here but I'm quiet right now. You do have readers, you are interesting and I love your style. (yes it is different than my style, but isn't that the beauty of it?) Take care