We are moving!

Hi all,
for those who do not know, we have bought a home and are moving this weekend.  After 8 years of renting, it feels good to finally be homeowners again.  I will be posting pictures as soon as I unpack my camera ;).  We are in the full swing of the move and this weekend will be a very busy one.

New Old Chair

Well, I told you that I did a second upholstery project and I wanted to share that with you today.
 I have had this little chair for a couple of years and I had intended on reupholstering this as soon as I got it.  I love the style of it and could imagine it painted.  This is the only picture that I could find of it.  Sorry for the bad picture.

For the Love of Architectural Salvage

I love love love architectural salvage!  You all know that I am all about re-purposing and upcycling.  I mean how can you not love reusing something that was cool to begin with for something even more cooler... (sorry for improper English)

Pillows.... Pillows.....Pillows

Well it has been said that practice makes perfect.... well, I haven't perfected my pillow making ability but I'm definitely getting better at it. Here is what I have made over the summer.

My first upholstery project

I was so intimidated to try to upholster anything other than a chair bottom, you know the kind where you unscrew the seat, cover it with new material, staple it down and screw the seat back down.  I have done that several times.  This on the other hand was going to need a little more effort.
I had gotten this from my sister in laws home as we were cleaning it out after she passed away. I believe that this was my mother in laws at one time. I thought that this piece would be the perfect thing to use as a first time upholstery project, I mean, I obviously couldn't hurt it....

A place you must go see!

Hey there,

I have been working on several things since my last post and well you know, doing life.  I am working on several posts but first I must tell you about a new business in OKC.  This place is total awesomeness!
Think Restoration Hardware meets Fixer Upper.  Holy smokes it is now my favorite place to "visit".  I say visit, because I certainly can't afford to buy most of the stuff that they sell but still..... I can get ideas and go make it my self!  (ha) Anyway, I snapped several pictures for you to drool over and if you are ever in OKC in the downtown area, I highly recommend that you check them out.  They are called Urban Farmhouse Designs. I am not getting any kick backs from this post .... hint hint but I wanted to share it with you.  If you do ever go visit, tell them Upcycle Addict sent you.   Enough chatting, lets roll the pictures....
This was the cutest ice chest.
They had not finished this yet, but I loved the look of it so I snapped a picture. As you walk in the main entrance, the workshop is on the right. So you can see the guys actually building the stuff before you ever walk through the glass sliding barn doors. Yes, glass sliding barn doors. ( I forgot to take a picture of it. )

I loved this huge lantern, I could not even think about buying it but oh my word did I want it!

I love the book shelf/ rolling cart. I believe that I will build one after we move next year. I am thinking that my white iron stone collection would look fantastic on it. Anyway, there you have it. My dream store all under one roof. For those living in Oklahoma be sure and go see this place, it is amazing.

 I hope to have another post soon. (fingers crossed) Thanks for reading along and checking in with this little blog of mine,

A Little Bit of Fall

Happy Fall Yall!

Just a little peek of the Fall changes that have been added around the house.  

I love this time of year. I hope you are having a fantastic Weekend. Thanks for visiting,

Hubby's Father's Day gift from me

Yay!!!!  I have paint and stain under my nails.  For those of you who don't do messy diy's that may sound horrible to you.  For those of you who do, then you know the joy that it really is to be getting the creative juices flowing and getting your nails all stained.  It means you are finally doing what you love.
The therapy I get when I am working on a piece of furniture is priceless.  It really puts me at peace.  I have had this dresser for 3 years ya'll.

 Seriously, 3 years it has been sitting in my mom's garage waiting for inspiration.  Not really inspiration because I knew as soon as I saw it, that this should be a island of some sort.  I just wasn't sure of where or who it should go to.  So it sat and waited for me.

A couple of months back I gave up "control" of the back porch.   Yep, I gave it to hubby.  I gave up the "cozy" sitting area and told him he could have it.  He has been accumulating the things that he needs to be an amazing BBQ king.  He had the grill, I got him a smoker for Christmas 2 years ago and for his birthday this year, we got a very large outdoor griddle.  He makes the best flat iron steaks and don't even get me started on the french toast.  Because of this, he really did need some sort of area for prep and to handle all the food that he is cranking out.

We had ourselves a showdown when he tried moving this table I built, to the porch area to use as a work space.
 Ummmm no, I don't think so.  Did he not see how I had it perfectly fit under the chandelier that I made with the cool solar lights.  (oops... I don't think I posted about that)  See exhibit A ....

(wow I need to clean that table)
 Well needless to say, the table went back to where it was originally intended.  However, I knew then at that very moment my little island wanna-be dresser would soon be reincarnated.  I had to wait until he was out of town on a business trip before I could make it happen.  See, he kind of is weird about me bringing more "stuff" into the household.... something about clutter and space and .... who knows what.  My eyes kind of glaze over when he starts talking about it.  But I knew that this.... this would be something he would love and could really use.

This was rescued from an old garage.  It had been used to put tools in but the mice had used it as a hotel of sorts.  Yeah, it was very very nasty.  I used an entire bottle of bleach on it, scraped the dead bugs out of it and also sealed it before painting it.  I wanted to make certain that all it's nastiness was gone before it was ever to evolve into an island.  I worked on this for a total of 10 hours but I think that it was worth saving. I used homemade chalk paint to paint it and then I sealed it with a stain over the paint.   I had to remove some of the veneer in several places including the top, after all the bleach and water and scrubbing it just had to go.
I found the signs at Hobby Lobby half off and added wheels to the bottom.  I painted the paper-towel holder and added it to the side as well as the basket for holding spices.
 I had another piece of veneer cut at Home depot to cover the back of the dresser.
Hubby was pleasantly surprised and is looking forward to doing some grilling!  I think I earned the best wife award for this one.
 What do you think?
 Don't ya think she was worth saving?

Blessings to you,
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Getting what I want..... The upcycled way!

I want a lot of stuff!  Don't get me wrong, I don't place my happiness on "things" but I feel that when you surround yourself with things that make you smile, it can do wonders for your mood.  That being said, I sometimes have to be pretty resourceful in order to acquire what I want without spending a ton of money.

Where has the time gone?

My, my, my, apparently time has put on a pair of rocket skates and has punched the button into overdrive.  I have been absent for quite some time and it is for a number of factors.  I'm still working on "me" and dealing with the daily challenges that goes along with adrenal fatigue.  Our family was recently given some news that has rocked me to the core.  I am unable to share this information but I know that life will never be the same.  This has made it hard to focus on anything.  I am slowly trying to regain my balance and perspective but it is very very difficult.
 In addition, we are in the full swing of tornado season here in Moore, Oklahoma and that alone is a major pain in the ars!  Please be patient with me and my little blog.

My struggle with CFS ******update******

What a difference two months make!