Boxes from old fence boards

Hello all,
A few days ago I put these boxes together.  These were made from the old fence wood that I got when I went to Northwest Oklahoma a few weeks back.

These are super simple to make and are so cute to decorate with. The hardware came from Hobby Lobby.  I made a skinny one and a wide one.   I filled them with some fall foliage and little pumpkins and candles for the centerpiece on my Thanksgiving table and now have it with a mini Christmas tree and other greenery and some lights.   I am slowly decking the halls for Christmas, the beauty of the season is starting to shine here and there throughout the house.

I also helped Kelly recently with another estate sale clean-out and came home with some goodies.  I also snagged this little chair.   
I have been looking for a chair for my bedroom and this one is perfect for the space.  It is just the right size for a bedroom and is in pretty good shape.  It is sturdy and solid.  The fabric does have a couple of flaws but nothing that I can't live with until I get the courage to attempt to recover it. Hopefully Santa will bring me an upholstery stapler for Christmas.  :)    I hope to finish up with the Christmas decorating and will hopefully be posting about it soon.  For some reason this year I am late to the party..... Decorating the halls just seemed like a lot of work.  I have been dealing with some health issues and the fatigue level has really zapped my giddy up and go.  That is also why I haven't been posting.  I'll explain more later.

Blessings to you,


  1. Those are really nice boxes, Sherry. I hope you feel better soon.