2014 Christmas around the house

Hey there,
I am finally getting the Christmas post up.  I seriously can't believe that it has taken until mid December to get this up.

I didn't do as much as I have done in the past but it is still quite a bit.  This is just a few of the area's, I still have to post the guest bedroom and will do that in a separate post.  First for those of you who haven't met Oscar and Gracie lets just get that out of the way..... Meet Oscar
He is a scruffy little mix of poodle and shitzu.... yep he is a shit-poo.... lol cracks me up every time.  (I am easily amused) Anyway, he was a rescue baby that was scheduled to be put down the day after we got him.  He has been such a joy to our family and has such a personality.  He loves to go bye bye and candy corn is his favorite treat.  He only gets maybe 2 pieces a week but he LOVES it.   We have had him since 2009.  
Now meet miss Gracie
or Grace as she is sometimes called. She is a golden-doodle and is also full of personality.  We got her last year from a guy who decided after 2 weeks that raising a puppy wasn't for him.  I was glad to accept the challenge after just having to put down Chloe.  She tilts her head to the left and right when you talk to her.  She is best buds with Oscar and also gives our family such joy.  Those two are my shadows when I am doing anything in the house.
This little tree is in the Master Bedroom, loving it in the olive bucket.

This was the first year that I grew paper whites.  
I love this little tree in the kitchen.

Every thing on my bed came from thrift stores, Salvation Army or Goodwill.  Including the pillow from Pottery Barn in the front.  All together everything on this bed was less than $20.00!   800 thread count sheets, 2 king size feather pillows, the shams were still new and in the package, the down feather filled comforter inside the duvet with the matching sham and the comforter at the foot of the bed with the coverlet on top.  Seriously folks... why would you spend hundreds when you can get the look for a fraction.  Now of course it wasn't found all at the same time, I would just pick these up as I came across them.  Keeping a color palette in mind. Mixing items makes it look cozier than just buying that "bed in a bag".

Well that's it for now, I hope you are having a awesome month!
Blessings to you,

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