Mirror Mirror on the Wall.......

Ok.... confession time,  I have a thing for baskets, lamps, white ironstone and mirrors! Some women go all gaga over shoes or jewelry but me.... I prefer a cool mirror over a pair of shoes any day.  Give me a pair of lamps over a pair of ear rings and I'm as happy as can be.  I know it's probably something that I should be evaluated for but I would rather buy ironstone over a co-pay any day.
This was the latest mirror to come home with me.  I had been hoping to find a large mirror for quite a while but all I had been seeing was 50 bucks or more.  Until I spotted this.

My not so french.... french basket

Recently while I was out treasure hunting I spotted this large wicker basket.  I have a serious basket addiction.  I find it nearly impossible to pass up large wicker baskets...... I don't know why but I just love them so.

2014 Christmas around the house

Hey there,
I am finally getting the Christmas post up.  I seriously can't believe that it has taken until mid December to get this up.

Ginormous candle stick

Hi all,
recently I found this at the Salvation Army on their wacky Wednesday half price day.

Boxes from old fence boards

Hello all,
A few days ago I put these boxes together.  These were made from the old fence wood that I got when I went to Northwest Oklahoma a few weeks back.