Winter Cat House

Last year a stray cat adopted us.  When she showed up on our doorstep she was probably a week or two away from starving to death.  She had a huge swollen upper lip that was apparently making it very difficult to eat.  I don't know if someone abandoned her or if she willingly left from where she previously had lived.  Anyway, I am not someone who can just ignore an animal in need.   I knew I had to do something.  I started feeding her canned food and giving her colloidal silver at each feeding.  The silver worked and so did feeding her.  She is now fat and happy.  My dilemma was....beside the fact that hubby kept saying "NO.....we can't keep her", my youngest son has asthma and is very much allergic to cats!  I kept feeding her outside and when winter came around I would crack the garage door (yes i'm that lady) and let her get into the garage to sleep and eat.  This drove my husband crazy.... understandably.  Our house faces North, so the cold wind would blow into the garage and caused the laundry/mud room to be colder and harder to heat.  .

This year I knew that I had to do something different.  (Not give up the cat) We can't let her in the house for obvious reasons so I decided to build her a cat house that could be put on our back porch.  It will be warmer there since it faces the south.  My mom had given me a heating mat that she used to use for the Ferrel cats that were at her old house.Cat house 024
 I just needed to build a box around it. Cat house 023 Cat house 022 Cat house 021

I had salvaged some fence that I had gotten off a curb (of course).  I had to completely disassemble the boards, about 75 nails and just build around the mat.  I think it turned out pretty good. Cat house 025 Cat house 026 Cat house 029 Cat house 028 Cat house 027 Now it isn't a gorgeous creation, and it is certainly rough around the edges, but I believe that it will do the trick.  This will only be on the back porch during the winter, when we wont be spending much time back there and it will certainly keep her warm.  I will just put it in the shed next summer.  Guess I will chalk this one up under "found on the curb" since I couldn't have done it without the fence. :)

I hope this inspires you to think "inside" the box in helping a desperate animal in need.

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