Pretty Little Glass Cabinet

Winter is in full swing already!  We went from 80 on one day to 27 the next, that didn't give my body enough of a stair step down to adjust!  Burrrrr!  Okay enough whining.  Before the cold snap hit I was able to get this little cabinet finished and listed on CL. 

This little cabinet was in pretty bad shape when Kelly brought it over.  One of the doors glass was missing and the entire bottom had gotten wet at some point and the parts that were MDF had swelled and made the whole thing just nasty looking.   Oh, before I go any farther here is the only before picture that I have.

The bottom as you can tell was in pretty bad shape.  Someone had also rigged Christmas lights in each corner and connected them all in the back.  (it was a serious fire hazard).  I ended up cutting the bottom off and added the feet.

I think that it looks so much better with the new legs.  It originally had two frosted plastic shelves in the lower portion and the top and lower doors were glued together so it only had two doors instead of four.  I built a shelf that can be moved to different heights and separated the doors so now they are properly divided.

It was definitely close to a lost cause.  I just couldn't give up on it without a fight.  I painted the inside in an antique white,  added bead-board wallpaper to the outer sides and painted the outside in a chalk paint from  Americana Decor in the color Vintage.

I then sealed the whole thing in the Creme Wax also by American Decor.

 I really enjoyed working with this paint.  They sell this paint in Hobby Lobby and also in Home Depot.  Home Depot is cheaper by the way.  I think this would look adorable in a craft room with fabric pieces stacked inside or even pretty blankets.  It would also look great in a bathroom filled with glass jars and pretty soaps.  I have this piece listed on Craigslist if you are interested or you can also reach me by my contact me page.  I might just have to keep this one.... for a little while. :)

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