Crazy Drawer!!!

This was a project that has been on hold in my mind and in my garage for several months. I am trying to make my way through the garage.... I have got to get some projects done or else hubby may pitch me to the curb.. lol He loves me though I am pretty sure I was put on this planet to drive him crazy... 21 years and counting :)

This was a drawer that I found on a curb....(where else would you find just a drawer)IMG_0676
IMG_0675 IMG_0677I painted and added wheels to it.
It was just a quick redo and total randomness but I like it. I originally thought I would put pillows in it but it fits so nicely under the coffee table that I think it will now hold Oscar and Gracie's toys. What about you?? Do you have any drawers lying around??IMG_0706 IMG_0703 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0700 IMG_0762

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  1. I love the stripes. I used to find great trash to turn into treasure when I lived in New England...this is just lovely! Did you change your blog banner design? Very interesting.

  2. Yes, I did change the design of the blog.... ( I like change :) ) omg I would love to hit the thrift stores in New England !!!!

  3. Yes, indeed. Treasures galore. It just seems like there's always a good find up there. I also love the chest you posted. Do you ever use chalk paint, like Annie Sloan's? I repurposed an old pine table I picked up from Freecycle and really like the finish with her wax as well. I'm currently painting and waxing a bookshelf I picked up on Craigslist and it's exciting. Freecycle is a great resource for repurposing and it's nationwide. Thanks for the lovely inspiration in your projects.

  4. No.... I haven't used "chalk paint" but I use the chalk paint that I make with plaster of paris. I am too cheep to shell out the moola for the paint. I like being able to make mine out of any color I want and I frequently mix up my own colors. I like also using minwax stain and sealer in several of their darker colors over the paint, it just gives it so much depth and the lovely "aged" look. I do want to try it someday but at this point I am content with making my own. I do hope to see the pine table and the bookshelf you are currently working on. I am very familiar with freecycle and a member of several areas here in Oklahoma. I also check out the free section of craiglist..... daily. lol :)
    Thanks for following along.

  5. Love this storage idea! The wheels, the stripe, everything looks perfect!