Is it just me????

Because who doesn't love a beautiful sunset... 
Hey there,
I hope your Friday is going well.

I am in full swing of the reincarnation of the vanity.

Such great ideas floating around out there.
The design I decided on just kind of flowed out of me and really was guided by what the piece seemed to desire to be.... does that make sense or sound totally whacked?  I have been working on it every evening this past week and should be finishing it up over the weekend.  I can't wait to show it to you all.  I had asked for suggestions on my Facebook page of what to paint it and boy did you all come up with suggestions.

I thought today I would show you what my dream kitchen looks like.  A little side note about me, Our family is currently renting the home we live in.  Renting has been fine but hubby and I are looking forward to the day that we move into "our" own home..... the last home..... the one we will grow old in.  I have 1 more move in me and then I am done.  We have done our fair share of moving through the years and while they have all been adventures, I am ready to be in my forever (here on earth) home.  It's difficult to be the "creative" type and not have free reign to do all the things that you want to do to make your space... "yours".  The following are just what caught my eye and I was a pinning fool.... unfortunately while on my pinning spree, I didn't link the original source... (bad blogger).  Soooo if you do know the original source, please let me know so that I can give due credit.  I am just dreaming here and wanted to take you along for the ride.  Oh and I will get up on a soap box... briefly :)

I love everything about this kitchen!
I love the way the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, the windows in the back and the lighting.
I love the stove area and the glass doors with the lights in the cabinets.  That chandelier... oh my..

I love the island, the chandy and the floor...... Oh and the doggy. :)

I must show you my favorite sink style.... 

I know that style isn't for everyone, but I really really love it.  Not, necessarily in the kitchen.. but I would take it in there, but really would love a laundry room with that type of sink in it.  (with a industrial type sprayer for the faucet. )

Ok, so what do you think about my dream kitchens.... this is just a smidgen of what I love, I could do this all day long.  :)

Now.. for my soap box

 Ok.... ladies and gents, I really do not want to offend here, but I simply must voice something that has irked me for quite some time now.....


Lol, I know, I know...... there is EBOLA, ISIS, OBAMA, EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS, DROUGHTS, FAMINE and just plain MEANNESS in the world and I am hoping up on a soap box about  fading pinning pictures.  Well I am sorry, but it really drives me nuts.  Is it just me or does this drive you just as nuts???  It's almost as if it is saying.... OK... if you don't pin me, I am just going to fade out.... NOPE... your not gonna get a good look at me unless you pin... or achem... move your mouse.  
There, I said it, it's out there.  You won't see fading pictures on my blog... nope... just a star in the middle with a P in it.  Nuff said.  I gotta go take my morning meds now.... have a great day.  :)

Blessings to you,

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