Estate Sale Clean-out

Hey there,

Recently I had the opportunity to go and help Kelly
clean out an estate sale that she purchased.  They way it works is she will offer a certain amount of money to take all the left overs that don't sell at an estate sale.  Her price that she pays also includes cleaning out everything on the property.  The really cool thing about it is that she gets everything that is left.... EVERYTHING.   Kelly has a Etsy store called Clearly Rustic that you really should go check out.  It is full of really cool vintage items, very unusual items that are sure to rattle your memories of your childhood.  The cool thing about going with her to clean out these estates is that she can't sell everything in her shop that she finds in the estate sooo that means I get dibs!  Well the following is just a small sample of the goodies that made the trip to Wichita and back worth the haul.  Not only did I bring back some awesome goodies but we had such a blast and laughed so hard that our cheeks hurt. You know... tears rolling down your face, abdomen feels like it is going to burst open kind of laughing.  I believe that we are going to check out another estate sale this weekend back in Wichita so I hope to bring even more awesome stuff home.  Just check out the goodies so far.....


I also got a ton of vintage tea towels, sheets, table cloths. A really awesome purse, table and chairs and a pair of vintage lamps. I will post pictures of the lamps soon. I was thinking about making some cute pillows using the vintage tea towels.

Blessings to you,

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