A few changes around here....

Hey there,

If you have tried to view my blog in the last few days, you might have found a giant error page!

I have recently made some changes.  First thing I did was purchase the dot com for my blog.... well that started a whole chain reaction.  I was informed that my web hosting would be expiring next month with Word press and that I would need to pay up or ship out!  I decided that I wasn't really happy with the way things were over at Word press and decided to look around.  I had already been considering going back to Blogger just based on the look and feel of other blogs that I was reading.   Well if you have ever tried to move your blog yourself from one host to another then you know the nightmare I have been living the last few days.  Unless you are a computer programmer and live in the HTML world,  taking on such a challenge is impressive to say the least.  At least I am impressed that it is up and running....or I hope so anyway.  Let me just say that it is working on FireFox.  I have no clue if people are able to see it in Explorer or Chrome.  I really have no clue if any one is actually reading this post!

I know that I had over 3000 subscribers to my blog at the time of the move and I have no idea if you all will be notified of new posts.... I really hope that you are.  I do apologize for some of the missing pictures that are not showing in some of my previous posts, I hope to repair those as I catch them.    I still have some tweaking to do around the blog, but for the most part.... <fingers crossed>  It is good to go.

You might notice up at the top that I have added pages and one of them is Kelly's shop that is Clearly Rustic.  I do hope that you look around and find something that you just love.  She and I are slowly joining forces and I hope to soon have some items for sale in the shop. Here is just a few of my favorite things currently available in the shop....

I hope to continue to inspire you and even make you laugh a little with this little blog of mine.

Blessings to you,

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