This little piggy and my birthday goodies

Hey there,

I thought that I would share my birthday goodies
that I got from my mom.  I had forgotten to post them until I went to change my blog header and was reminded that I hadn't done so.     I just love it.

This little piggy belonged to my granny, I'm not sure where she had found it.. most likely a garage sale. :) I can remember seeing it in her house and then at my mom's when she moved in with her.  I have always liked it but since my style seems to be moving into "french country farm house",  I took a closer look at it when I went to my mom's in June.   Just look at the crazing on it..... it looks like an ironstone pig.  Mom said that I could have it so this piggy came home with me and went wee wee wee all the way there.  lol  sorry I couldn't resist.
You might remember when I posted about how I spent mothers day weekend,  the dough bowl that I was kicking myself for not getting...well... I now own it... insert happy dance...
 I just love dough bowls and this one is no exception. This thing will be traveling all over the house. Oh and did you notice the scale?
I got that little gem from my cousin Kelly... the original picker sister :)

Last but certainly not least was my beautiful olive bucket.
Speaking of fall.... I am ready NOW!!! I am not ready for snow and ice, but some good old crispness to the air when everything seems to go to sleep and slow down a bit.  I am ready to see this........
This thing is huge and really one of my favorite pieces... (I know I have many) I did spray it with a matte sealer so that the beautiful rust doesn't get on anything.  I am looking forward to decorating with it this fall.

Well that wraps up my birthday goodies... Thank you mom, I love you and my goodies. :)

Blessings to you,

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