Shutter Headboard and a guest room makeover

Well, the kids are back in school
and it's 100 degrees outside! Even though this has been a very mild summer for us, I am still ready to welcome fall, the cooler temps, the yellow and orange colors showing up all over the landscape, the decrease in daylight.....
yeah, I guess I'm ready to snuggle in for a long winters nap.  My daughter and her family found them a home and have moved on to settle the family there.  With them moving out, that left me with a guest bedroom that needed some sprucing up.  I didn't take any before pictures because it was too horrible to publish..... :\   Four people crammed into a tiny guest bedroom for 3 months.... well lets just say....I didn't take a picture.  I have been doing a few small projects this summer and I will be posting about them soon.  I did recently sew some pillow covers and they will show up in the pictures.  First I must tell you about this little table.  I found this in a pile of stuff that was left on a curb.  this was scratched up in several places but over all it was still sturdy.   I loved the shape of it and those legs..... Well on the back I found a label. It was made by Stanley Furniture Co.  I immediately started searching the web for info on it and holly molly....  You have got to see what I found.... My  eyes just about popped outta my head!  I strutted around like a turkey pardoned by the president.... to my hubby...  "look how picking curbs paid off this time"...... what did he say.... "sell it!"  OMG ..... seriously...... no way I'm selling that.  I just happened to need one that very size for that guest bedroom!  Anyway, I painted her up and she now resides in my guest bedroom.  :)

 In looking around the room, I added a chair to the wierd wonky closet area I also made the pillow in the chair several months ago.  (forgot to mention that one)

Here is a thrift store owl that I brought home and painted...
cuz he was uuuggggllllyy when I got him, he now watches over the room peacefully.    I made the front two pillows in this next picture out of a table-cloth... it was found at Goodwill for .99 cents.
It was such a sunny yellow with a lovely pattern, I figured they will be great for any season, spring, summer and even fall.   I think they are just so happy looking.  99 cents for two 20x20 pillow covers it pretty awesome.  Oh and the feathered inserts were also gotten at the Salvation Army, they were inside some ugly pillows that I purchased for 1.99 a piece!  How awesome is that?? I am always checking out the pillows, feeling for quality feathered pillows, if they don't stink... (YES I smell them before I buy) they come home with me. :)  I have this pair of owls on the other side of the shelf to also watch over the room,
this is also a music box. I think they are so sweet looking. I did go ahead and put a television in the room for when my granddaughters come stay with me, it is a itty bitty TV but it does the job.  The ballerina picture was my grandmothers.

I kept the old window turned into a mirror in this room along with the quilt rack that my daddy made years ago.
 I used this pair of shutters as the headboard for this full size bed.  It works perfectly and I love the look.  When I was on the pillow making spree, I also made these;
 I just love the color of blue in this.  This was a heavy blanket that I found... at the Goodwill and I knew that I wanted to make pillows out of it.
 I think that they turned out awesome!!! They too have feather inserts!  The blanket was 2.99.  Oh... I forgot, the quilt and 2 shams that you see were also purchased at the Salvation army on their wacky Wednesday half off day.... I got the "king size" quilt and 2 shams for 4.00!  I love that it is a heavy quilt and that it covers all the way to the floor on both sides of the bed.

I just love the texture and the color, oh and they are very soft.

 Yep, you guessed it.... everything you see in this picture....

secondhand scores.... the lamps, the shades, the wreath and the shutters.  Less than 20.00 for everything you see here.

 I just love this marmalade jar....
it holds pens in the desk area.

This is one of my favorite rooms and the fact that it was all done on such a low budget is thrilling.
 It proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the space you want... you just gotta get a little creative and enjoy the hunt.  Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings to you,

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  1. Great find, Sherry! The whole room looks like a nice place for guests to relax. You may never get them to come out of there!

  2. Thanks Diane, I have slept in there and it is very cozy.... each one of the boys wants to stay in there also.... :)