Curbed cabinet upcycled

Hey there,

Man it's hot outside!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooo ready for some fall weather.  It's too hot to even get out in the shop and work on anything.  I have a cabinet that I have yet to do anything with because it is so hot... I figure I will get to it once the temp gets into the 80's.

This cabinet I finished about a month ago during a cold front that came through.  It was a couple of wonderful days with highs in the 70's.  This is what it looked like after I plucked it off a curb..... yes it is in my backseat.

You can see that it definitely had a thick layer of poly on it.... it was shiny!  I got it home and started checking it all over....there was a hole in the top for some reason....It wasn't in bad shape, just not what I needed it for.
I'm thinking that this was covered by a large fish tank.  That must be what this cabinet was used for...
I decided that I would flip it over, add a board to the inside to make a "bottom" for the open area.  I also used some chair parts
to make some feet for it.  I then used some left over wood from the bed I made for my son, to add to the top of the new cabinet.I painted the whole thing with homemade chalk paint and then did a glaze over the top, leaving it pretty dark on the top. I added a new knob from my stash and called it good.

I think it turned out pretty cool and I keep my extra seasonal pillows inside.

I just love finding good stuff on the curb.... what about you..have you saved anything lately from the dump that you are now proud to have in your home?

Have a great weekend,

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  1. Love the lamp too! Did you paint that?

  2. Yes, I did paint the lamp. I had found it last year at the Goodwill. It was kind of metallic looking before. It is one of my favorites. (I kind of have a lamp fed-dish) :)