Dog bed upcycle..... cause I needed some serious DIY therapy

Hey there,

It's official.... Summer has arrived.
 I hope your weekend was glorious.  I know it's been a while since my last post but there have been lots of changes on the home front.  Recently my daughter and her family moved in with us.  It is a temporary situation while they look for a home.  So now our home has gone from a house of 5 to a house of 9!  As you can imagine, the transition is not an easy one but we are doing our best to make the most of the situation.  I love having my granddaughters close to me now.  They lived an hour away and that made it difficult to see them anytime I wanted to.  They are looking for a home in the town we live in so it will be nice to just have them a few minutes away.   So with all of the changes that have been happening, I hadn't had time to really tackle any projects.  This past weekend I finally said to my self.... self..... you gotta get your DIY on or you might end up on the 5 oclock news.
Don't get me wrong,