How I spent Mothers day weekend

Hey there,

I hope that your Mother's day was special
and spent with the one's you love.   I gave my mom some choices for her day.  I called and said.... OK... you have a choice..... we can go hit some antique shops in a surrounding town, or we can go get your hair done... or I can paint your fireplace.  PAINT THE FIREPLACE!!!!! She was all over that... she has been wanting that done for quite some time.  The den only has one wall of windows and they do not get much light through them.  There is a huge tree in the back yard that provides plenty of shade but it isn't great for making a space feel bright.  This room was so dark and the whole wall being dark brick with dark wood shelves just made it feel like a black hole.

Here is a few before pictures to give you an idea of how dark everything was.

We emptied the mantle and all the crap collectables that she had, removed the brass and glass doors..... (yep she likes them) and cleaned out last years ashes.  During the clean out we discovered that she needed a new grate because the one she had was broken and was no longer going to work for building a fire.

After vacuuming and sweeping off each and every brick it was time to torture myself start the process.

I am here to tell ya, if you ever get an itch to paint your fireplace...... be prepared to spend the next 15 to 24 hours in pain.... pain I tell ya! It was worse than painting a hutch... If you have ever done that, you know what I mean.  Within 30 minutes of starting, I knew that this was going to be torture.    I started on Friday evening, worked until about 12:30 in the morning (when I ran out of paint.)

We got up Saturday, had breakfast and were on our way to get more paint when we got a little side tracked.. Me and mom do that frequently :).  We ended up hitting several of our favorite antique shops that are in Shawnee, OK.  One of them is called Green's Corner.   
 It is a fabulous place that is packed to the rim with goodies. You know the kind, it's filled with all sorts of treasures that are reasonably priced and so much to see that you really can't see it all in one day.

 Well while we were there I found this...
 yes it is a huge fireplace grate.... remember me telling you that mom needed one?  Well this is the granddaddy of grates.  It is a rarity to find one this size.  When the owner was walking by I asked "how much you asking for this"?  .... at this point I'm thinking to my self.... I will go as high as $50..... he said 10 bucks! I immediately asked if he could load it!  Score!!!! Find of the day!  (When we got home later we looked that size up and found one online for $260.00! ) There were so many cool things that really was calling my name.... especially this dough bowl.
 I'm seriously kicking myself for not getting it as I have wanted one for like evah.... Anyway from there we went to a couple of other places down main street and ended up at Reeves Antiques & Things This is a fantastic little shop that also has lots of goodies reasonably priced.  Check out these goodies...

sorry about the bad camera. I wanted them all.  This was my favorite... I soooo wanted to take this home with me...
Only  $45.00 I believe that the frame was worth that... I may have to go back and see if it is still there... :( That would sure be an AWESOME  birthday present....
We left there, went and had some lunch then got gallon #2 of paint.  (Valspar Swiss Coffee in eggshell)  I finally finished all of the painting around 11:30pm Sat.  As much as I complain about how painful it was to paint that fireplace, I am so glad that I did.

 It looks so good, it really brightens up the room.  It no longer looks like a black hole!  Mom loved it.... now wants the rest of the room painted!  (sigh)That will be a near future project.  I have been busy around this place and hope to have  another post very soon. Just look how good this looks.

Blessings to you,

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  1. Hi Sherry,

    The fireplace looks amazing! I know it's a bit of a trend right now and I've seen a bunch that were painted that made me sad because I adore brick inside, but I agree with you that this room really needs the light. I love it and I'm glad your mom loves it, too.

    Happy (slightly belated) Mother's Day!


  2. Jenny,
    Happy Mother's Day to you too! I know what you mean, I do love the look of brick but this just had to go. Thanks for following along. :)

  3. Good job! The fireplace looks really nice. I've painted brick and it was time consuming and not so easy. My parents' living room had a wall that was pink brick. I painted it with a sponge because it was lumpy brick. I remember hours on a ladder (high ceiling!) with my mom bringing me peanut butter smoothies to keep me going. :>} Like your mom's brick, it really looks much better painted, which is rare for brick, I think.

  4. Thanks! I used brushes, roller and spong.... It is just amazing what paint can do. Thanks for reading :)

  5. Thanks for linking up to Inspiration Monday! Have a great week.