Craft Cabinet

Hey there,

Recently I acquired this cabinet from a Salvation Army
store for $50.00.
With the help from my best cousin Kelly we were able to get it into my office.  This thing is huge and heavy.

How I spent Mothers day weekend

Hey there,

I hope that your Mother's day was special
and spent with the one's you love.   I gave my mom some choices for her day.  I called and said.... OK... you have a choice..... we can go hit some antique shops in a surrounding town, or we can go get your hair done... or I can paint your fireplace.  PAINT THE FIREPLACE!!!!! She was all over that... she has been wanting that done for quite some time.  The den only has one wall of windows and they do not get much light through them.  There is a huge tree in the back yard that provides plenty of shade but it isn't great for making a space feel bright.  This room was so dark and the whole wall being dark brick with dark wood shelves just made it feel like a black hole.

Here is a few before pictures to give you an idea of how dark everything was.