upcycleaddict.net is now up and running!

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Hello all,

I have been working so hard at getting my new domain up and running! I'm not even kidding, my brain hurts from all of the computer lingo that I have had to try and learn. Unfortunately, I don't think I am going to be able to move my followers. This seriously bums me out. I really hope that you will take a short time out to go to the new domain....www.upcycleaddict.net and click the follow button so that you will continue to get notifications of when I do something oober cool or even when it's not oober cool and you are just board... :) I really am so thankful for all of you, when you send me a sweet message or just hit the like buttom it really makes my day, it helps to remind me that what I'm doing just might inspire someone out there to make something oober cool too. This will be my last post on this site...
This is Upcycle Addict signing off...... hope to see you on the flip side. :)

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