RSS feeds, widgets, dashboards, fonts, domain name, web hosting..... OHMY GOSH!

Well, I have done it.... I am now paying for my own domain.....< >
BUT.... and thats a big BUT... I have brain drain trying to figure out how I transfer everything from wordpress to my new domain.  I went through, I am not sure of what I have gotten myself into.  I told myself that if I kept at this blogging thing for a year, I would bite the bullet and pay for a service.  Sooooooo here I am, up to my bohiney..sp? It hasn't been quite a year yet,, December 31st will be a year but I'm not going to stop blogging, I really enjoy it and hope to continue to improve my site and my craft.  I ask that you please be patient with me and this process, I will certainly post when I have it all complete.  (i'm not hiring someone to do this.... I know I can do it.....fingers crossed)  I hope that all those who are following along will also be able to transfer with my posts as well.  Wish me luck and I hope to have this up and running soon. Happy Thanksgiving if I don't make it out before then.........


  1. Good luck! I am the least techy person in the world and have no advice, but I'm rooting you on in spirit ;-)