Best curb find to date!!!!!

Hey there,

I couldn't wait to show you what I found today.  While out scouting on my lunch hour today I came across this couple that were putting things at the curb that wouldn't fit in their U-haul.   They just didn't have an inch of room left and were not going to be returning.   So lucky for me.... right place at the right time.

A very large dresser is what caught my eye as I pulled up, it was missing a drawer and a couple of the ones that were with it was pretty banged up.  ( I didn't care cause I knew I could do something with it) wink wink, problem was I was in my car and I knew that hubby was not going to be having anything to do with bringing the truck to pick up a beat up old dresser.... I can't wait until I get a truck, at the very least a SUV.  :( Anyway, they had boxes of dishes, vhs tapes, books that were already wet from the rain.... yeah it was also raining.  I felt sorry for them, having to leave their "stuff" but I was excited to see what else they brought out of that house .... is that bad of me???

Just when I was feeling guilty for sitting in my car watching, I was about to leave when.... the rain stopped, a ray of sunshine beamed down  and shined on this...... Curb chair 001 I tell you I heard angels sing, I was positively giddy!  Saying to myself.... out loud.... please oh please put it on the curb....put it on the curb....... YES!!!!!! I couldn't pull up fast enough... I swear, it was like black friday dash.   The lady was very sweet and said she was glad that someone was going to take it and that it wasn't going to sit out in the rain and get ruined.  That is when she said that they just didn't have any room for it.  By this time, it was time for me to get back to the office so I couldn't stay to see what else came out.  I do wish I could have gotten the dresser but I am so happy with what I came home with. Curb chair 003

I can't decide if I should paint it or not, I'm really thinking about it because I really don't like the colour of the wood that it is.  The only thing that was wrong with it was the wheels had a brass covering over the wheels and 3 of them were bent up.  I just removed them.  I am so tickled to have found this chair.  I have wanted one like this for ever.Curb chair 004 Curb chair 002

What color should I paint it????   Really...... I need suggestions please. :)

Blessings to you,

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  1. What an awesome find!! I'm not sure what color to suggest - maybe take some wider room shots for context and post them?

  2. I will try to post pics soon, but my office was a total mess at the time, so I couldn't very well do it then... lol