Linen closet organization


Yesterday was a wonderful rainy day. The kind that was a good soaking straight down rain.  I couldn't resist opening the windows and letting the cool air pour in.  It was awesome!!! It was just what I needed to motivate me to tackle this....... yeah I know. Closet organization 003 Closet organization 005 Closet organization 004 Closet organization 007 Closet organization 006 Closet organization 013 Closet organization 012IMG_0561 I'm a little embarrassed to show this to you.  Needless to say, this has needed some attention for a while. since I couldn't really get outside and work, I focused the entire day (finished at 11:30pm) cleaning out my linen closet and my "supply" closet.  I ended up swapping the two, consolidating and getting rid of the excessive amount of mismatched sheets, you know how they can accumulate through the years........ surely I'm not the only one.

The "supply" closet had just really become the closet where we put things that we didn't know where else to put.  Kind of like the "drawer" in the kitchen..... you know.... "THE DRAWER".

During this process, I knew that I needed extra storage for my crafting "stuff" that wasn't able to be contained in the cabinet in my office.IMG_0571  I needed a space that I could keep the "extra" decorative pieces that I will periodically rotate in my home but that I would have easy access to, without having to go digging in the attic.  Anyway, I did it!  I wanted to give up many times and the mess drove my guys a little crazy.....IMG_0570 IMG_0569 IMG_0568but football was on so they didn't pay too much attention to me. :)
Now it is all so organized and beautiful!!IMG_0564 62a1201a-65e3-4d5b-8d59-e4c7e37aa37d Closet organization 015 Closet organization 016 Closet organization 017 Closet organization 018 It makes me smile, I can't walk down the hallway without opening the doors and taking it all in. Closet organization 021 Closet organization 020 Closet organization 022 Closet organization 023 Closet organization 024 Closet organization 027 Closet organization 026closwt organiz 003-001 This really isn't hard to do, it just takes committing to it and resolve yourself to having an explosion of the closet and then sorting the debris.  Once you do it, it feels like you have just made your space a little lighter. :)  Thanks for taking time out of your day to hear all about my rainy Saturday.  Have a great Sunday!


  1. Your linen closet looked a lot like mine does right now! I need to have another purging, for sure. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finishes a project like that and can't stop looking at it, ha ha! Neat and tidy spaces really make my day.