COMING SOON....... under Thrifting treasures

Just a quick little ditty to let you know I am working on this area..... I will be posting all of the thrifty finds as well as what I got them for.  Just to show that you can really do some awesome decorating on a very tight budget. :) Here is what I found at a resale shop a few months back. I found the owls for .99 cents and the mirror was .25 cents.  It originally didn't have a mirror in it. I took the mirror out of an old home interior frame I had for years.  I liked this one so much more.  It is brass.  The owls were just too cute to pass up. I have it sitting on the night stand next to where my granddaughters sleep when they are over.   Stay tuned for lots more of my finds. :)Owl and mirror

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