Coffee Bar and Trust God Box!

So yes, as the title suggests it was a creative 4th for me.  I loved having 4 days off in a row and took full advantage of it.  I created two things over the holiday.  The first was from a curb find.... ( yes I know)  It was formerly I believe one of those small cabinets that go above a toilet or perhaps in a laundry room.  Just a cheep particle board cabinet with the contact paper that looks like wood over it.  It was in perfect condition... nothing wrong with it.  It was sitting on a curb along with a small mountain of stuff that had been tossed after clean up from the tornado.   I knew that I could do something with it..... for gosh the very least it could hold paint or something. photo (1) 
This is what it looked like when I brought it home.   See, just a plain cheep cabinet, just needing saving from the landfill.  Ignore  my table saw in the back ground.  It didn't have anything on the top cause it was made to hang on the wall up high so you wouldn't need a top to it.  It also looked the same on the bottom.  The first thing I did was add a top.  I made it out of landscape stakes, I cut off the tips so that they were not all pointy and then because it needed a little something on the bottom I added feet.  They were actually bed risers that I have had in my stash garage for quite a while.  I simply nailed the stakes to the top and screwed the bottom into the risers to make feet. :)

photo (2) photo (6)

I then painted the whole thing using DIY chalk paint.  I hand painted the front of the door and called it done!!!! I think it turned out pretty freaking cute!
photo photo (12) photo (9) photo (8)


IMG_0336 IMG_0337

Well.... now that's better.  Sometimes I crack myself up! lol :)

The next day, I made a box for my husband.  He was reading a book and mentioned that he would like to have a box that would be called a TRUST GOD box.  A place that we could write down what we needed to Trust God for and place in the box.  I thought it sounded like a cool idea... very symbolic in giving something to God so that it wasn't occupying space in our heads and causing anxiety.   So I gave it some thought and then just dove right in.  I gathered some scrap wood that was in the garage as well as some hardware that I had in my stash and put it all together.   I enjoyed making this and really spent extra time to make sure it was just right.  ( It is a pretty significant box.... I will hold thoughts and fears and anxieties that we are giving to God..... I had to make it as perfect as I could right???) Talk about pressure.... lol.  Anyway, this is what I came up with.  What do you think?  Do you have a Trust God box?  

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