DIY THERAPY! My Zen Space and Potting Bench

045As you can imagine, I have really needed some DIY therapy.
 I love the way that my mind slows down while I'm working on a project and only focusus on the task at hand.  I spent this last Sunday working on this.....I got started very early.  It was such a beautiful day... with NO STORMS in the forcast!  So I went to work.... photo (18)

Last weekend I spotted these chairs that my neighbor had put out for big trash day... they had a few places that were frayed but it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle.  They were originally a kind of brownish color.  I spray painted them with krylon semi gloss in white, repaired the freys with some hot glue and added some cushions that I found at Home depot and tada... I have some new comfy chairs....(2 that wont be filling up that huge landfill)!photo (25)

This was a curbside find that has been in my garage for about 5 (17)  It was the base of a table, I loved the shape of it and knew that I could do something with it.  After some wood filler and paint, it makes a perfect place to set a cold drink next to my comfy chairs. photo (26)

Next I built this cool and long wanted potting bench.  photo (19) photo (20) photo (15) photo (11)I have wanted a potting bench for years but never found one that I liked.  So while I was on a roll with my DIY therapy and my quest for a zen spot I started looking around at what I could put on my porch, then I remembered that I had some legs from the table.... the one I turned into a clock.. and I had some other scrap wood that had been building up in the old gate in the back yard that has been leaning up beside the side of the house for 2 years, a couple of corbels that my dad had made and a hodge podge of hooks and pipe that I could use..... I basically threw the thing together with screws.....a GAZILLION nails from my nail gun, a little outdoor house paint and some stain.

Tada!!!!!!!! I am lovin this potting bench.....even though it took me some time to cut that darn hole where my bowl fits in the top..... It was very entertaining to my husband.  :) photo (30)

After a hard day of work, sweat, and a focused mind, I now have a zen space for my morning coffee, or an evening glass of wine or just a spot to be so very grateful for my blessings.
photo (24) photo (22) photo (21) photo (27) photo (28)By the way, making your own potting station, is so much better than buying one!


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  1. Your porch looks fantastic! Great job on the potting bench and curb-side chairs. You are so talented.

    I'm so sorry to read about the tornadoes. I didn't know you were in that area. That must have been so scary, especially that it hit while your son was in school. Thank goodness the teacher moved the kids! I know I've had everyone from there in my thoughts and prayers since it happened. Such terrible devastation.

  2. Thank you for the prayers they are needed. It was one of the worst and best days....I thank God I didn't loose my child that day, it really is nothing short of a miracle that none of the children died in Briarwood. The pictures on TV just don't show the magnitude of the devastation.

  3. Love , love your chairs the table and Oh My DIY the Potting Bench !!! Pure Awesomness !!!

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments :) I love them all.