Table cloth curtains

Recently I found these 2 table cloths at the salvation army for $1.50 each!.  They still felt like they were new, never washed...... perfect.  I knew I wanted to do something with them, I love the country look of them.

I recently had moved my hutch to sit in front of a large window in my kitchen, a window that really ever was utilized because outside were 3 large crape myrtle bushes.  you couldn't really see outside and in the summer a lot of heat would come in.  I do not normally put furniture in front of a whole window but I made the exception for this.  Also it really seemed to open up the kitchen area and gave me a whole wall that had previously been covered by my hutch.  Anyway, I needed to put some curtains on either side to frame the whole look and to help keep the heat out for the summer.  IMG_1110

These table cloths were perfect!  I simply cut up the center of each one to make a "pair" of curtains, folded over the top to make them look like curtains, clipped on some cafe curtain rings and hung them up!  This took me all of about 15 min but gave big impact.  I love how they turned out and for less than 10 bucks I have curtains now.  :)IMG_1111 IMG_1109 IMG_1112 I am linking to :


  1. They look great! I love the red with the hutch and for $10, you can't beat them! Those kinds of bargains make me giddy ;-)

  2. Me husband thinks I'm a nut, but he is very pleased that I'm not one of those ladies that has to have 60 dollar panels on the windows ;)