Hired Hutch

I know that it has been a while since I wrote but I have been busy with some life changes...(more on that later) and also working on this Hutch redo for a friend of mine.  This took me entirely too long to do thanks to the uncooperative weather but she is finally finished.

I don't know why, but hutches seem to be the hardest things to upcycle...maby it's the sheer size of them but for what ever reason they are kind of a bear to tackle.  IMG_1034
IMG_1033 IMG_1032

I first filled in some holes with wood filler then I painted the whole thing with my self mixed chalk paint.  When all was dry I sanded and distressed all over, then I went back over with paint again lightly to give it that aged... painted and repainted look. I then covered it in a jacobean stain by minwax and wiped off to age it. IMG_1073  IMG_1076

IMG_1079 IMG_1072 IMG_1071I decided to not put the doors back on the top because they just seemed to not go well with the hutch.  I think they look great all by themselves.  I thought she could hang some chain from them and use them as decorative windows somewhere else. IMG_1081

(perhaps hanging in a seating area outside...or hanging in front of a window in the bathroom or kitchen....) Where ever she decides I think they will look great.

I really love how this turned out... wish I was keeping her.... :)IMG_1070

This was the first time someone has hired me to do a piece for them and it was kind of strange ......definitely more pressure than just doing a piece for myself...you feel more pressure to get everything right.  I really hope she loves it too. :)


  1. I'm sure your friend will love it! It looks fantastic and you did a great job. It was nice before but boring. Now it looks fresh and chic.