Table cloth curtains

Recently I found these 2 table cloths at the salvation army for $1.50 each!.  They still felt like they were new, never washed...... perfect.  I knew I wanted to do something with them, I love the country look of them.

I recently had moved my hutch to sit in front of a large window in my kitchen, a window that really ever was utilized because outside were 3 large crape myrtle bushes.  you couldn't really see outside and in the summer a lot of heat would come in.  I do not normally put furniture in front of a whole window but I made the exception for this.  Also it really seemed to open up the kitchen area and gave me a whole wall that had previously been covered by my hutch.  Anyway, I needed to put some curtains on either side to frame the whole look and to help keep the heat out for the summer.  IMG_1110

These table cloths were perfect!  I simply cut up the center of each one to make a "pair" of curtains, folded over the top to make them look like curtains, clipped on some cafe curtain rings and hung them up!  This took me all of about 15 min but gave big impact.  I love how they turned out and for less than 10 bucks I have curtains now.  :)IMG_1111 IMG_1109 IMG_1112 I am linking to :

He is risen!

He is risen!

Good morning and Happy Easter!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank God for his sacrifice on my unworthy behalf.  Thank you Jesus for giving me everlasting life. :) The burden of my sins was heavy and you still died for me anyway.  Thank you God for my life and all the blessings that you continue to pour out to me.  I will follow you forever. 535877_2222956591621_1463390820_n

Mom's sideboard re-do

Recently, I spent a few days at my mom's and while I was there she asked me to "re-do" her sideboard that once was my granny's.  I couldn't wait to get started.  I was able to complete this in 1 evening.  I almost forgot to take the before picture..... here it is. 


The Liebster Award!!!!


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by sugarshellandbutterknife.  Jenny has a really cool blog and a very interesting sense of humor.  I love reading her posts and I'm sure you will too.  I have agreed to accept this award and answer the questions she has asked, so here goes.

!. Where do you get your inspiration?  I get inspiration from everywhere.... blogs, HGTV, DIY channel, friends, while shopping and just staring at something until my eyes burn trying to "see" the beauty that can't immediately be seen.

2. What is your favorite color?  Do you have one?  Why?   I don't really have a favorite color.  I just love color.... I don't think that I can really pin down just  one.

3.  If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be? There are so many places that I want to see.....hmmm I think that if I could go anywhere  right now it would be Ireland.  It just looks magically delicious...  ;)

4.  What is the best book you last read?  Heaven Is for Real,  by Todd Burpo

5. What are your best tips for other bloggers? Be yourself!!!! Don't try to be like someone else's blog.  Publish things that you would send to a friend, write the way you would have a conversation with people.... If you are interested in something then there is  a good chance that someone else is interested in it too.

The blogs that I regularly check out are:

I have so many more that I just love but this is a good start.  You should check them all out.

If you accept the award the questions are:

1. What made you start a blog?
2. Have you ever posted something and then later wished you hadn't?
3. What is your favorite song?
4. If you could go back in time and live for 1 year what year would that be and why?
5. If you could meet anyone either alive or dead and spend a week with them who would that be and why?

Happy blogging! :)



I keep hearing that song in my head.... TURN! TURN! TURN! by the Byrds...there is a season....a time to every purpose under heaven... you know the one.

Hired Hutch

I know that it has been a while since I wrote but I have been busy with some life changes...(more on that later) and also working on this Hutch redo for a friend of mine.  This took me entirely too long to do thanks to the uncooperative weather but she is finally finished.

I don't know why, but hutches seem to be the hardest things to upcycle...maby it's the sheer size of them but for what ever reason they are kind of a bear to tackle.  IMG_1034