Address Sign

I have been working hard on my latest curb find....the monster cabinet that I found.  See the previous post "what I am working on now".   I am getting close to the after pictures,  but in the midst of the chaos I did a little side thing.  Created a simple address plate for the front of the house.  

When we moved in there was a OU sign for the Oklahoma Sooners that had been glued to the brick and it had a chunk that had been broken off....It was horrible looking so I removed it which left a nice round glob of glue showing that was stuck to the brick!  There was no removing it! So that is how it stayed for a year....yes a whole year.  I finally got sick enough of looking at it and out of the wood that I had left from the bench that I made I created a new sign.  IMG_0987

I know, I know it's just an address plate but.... seriously after looking at a round glob of glue for a year.....I am thrilled with how this looks. :)  It's's the little things that makes a house a home.  

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