Upcycled Table/I've Got Time!

How many times do you go shopping and see something that you would love to have but knew that there was NO WAY you were going to pay what they were asking for it?  Ok so if you are like me that is pretty much every time you walk out the door.  Well I had one of those times a few days ago.  I went looking around at one of my favorite places.. Hobby Lobby.  I love love love that store, anyway I found thisIMG_0928

I loved the look, the size, the old world look but hated the price, even half, off there was no way I was going to pay 100 bucks or even 50 for that matter. I then remembered that I have a table at home in the shop that I might be able to create the clock I want for a fraction of what I would have to pay in a store.

I picked up the clock mechanism and hands in the craft isle for about $13.00 and went home to get started.


I did a lot of sanding, painting removed the hardware from the table bottom.  I also painted whole thing, then using cardboard cutouts of the V, X and I , I traced them onto the clock face and then hand painted with acrylic paint inside the numbers. After everything had dried I sanded the whole thing to give it that "just found in a barn" look.  I then stained  whole thing with min-wax in Jacobean. IMG_0936 IMG_0937

Now you might think I was getting close to finishing.....well no way! It was about this time that I realized that the table was too thick for the mechanism to fit through and be able to swing the arms around.  CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!! Now what am I going to do!

I was so frustrated and aggravated I turned the shop light off, slammed the door and   poured myself a glass of wine, sat down on the couch and started looking around for a place to use a decorative NON working clock, a huge decorative NON working clock.

Then it hit me, (after a full glass of wine) I will drill it out, literally, use that bit that you put on a drill for making holes in doors, well, if I don't drill it all the way through and chisel out to the right depth I could make it work.  THATS JUST WHAT I DID!!!! It took some working with it and a little sweat but I did it!!!

IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0946 IMG_0947

I love this clock! It isn't perfect, but it's perfect enough for me! It is keeping perfect time too. :)  I think it looks great above the fireplace.  What do you think? I would love to hear your comments.... I have a little extra time on my hands now. lol :)