My favorite cabinet..... upcycled!

IMG_0890 this is really one of my  favorite cabinets.  This was given to me by my mother in law several years ago and I have  always loved it.  It originally started out a green color.  I painted it about 5 years ago the color that  you see in the picture.  

I have been wanting to redo this for quite some time and was the day.  I knew that I could knock this one out pretty quickly.  My granddaughters are staying with me so I couldn't get out in the shop and this was a piece that I could easily do in my office.

I mixed up some pain from two different colors that I had left from previous projects and added some plaster of paris to make some chalk paint.  I spray painted the knobs black and let them dry while I worked on the cabinet.  I then painted the whole thing using a brush...leaving the visible brush marks to show.  I wanted that look.   After letting it dry, I went over the whole thing with a light sanding.  Instead of adding a stain over the top I just applied Minwax paste finishing wax over the whole thing.  I also lightly sanded the top and applied Minwax red mahogany to the wood on top.  I am in love with this piece all over again!  The turquoise color came out fantastic and the black that shows through from the previous painting really gives it that wonderful rustic aged look.  Let me know what you think.


IMG_0895 IMG_0894 IMG_0891