Curb Pickin!

One of my favorite things to do is to go “curb pickin” every month when our city has big trash day.  I can't believe what people throw out!   I have found cool vases, night stands, an awesome wing back chair, out-door chairs, etc... the list goes on and on including my next project.  

Well my latest pick was the day before yesterday, I dropped my son off at school and then went looking.......2 blocks later.....(the sound of heavenly angels singing.... with a bright light surrounding this fantastic find) lol

There...lying next to the curb was this beauty:IMG_0957

I couldn't believe it! I thought I could take it apart and do something with it... I knew that I could find some use for it, so I picked that baby up and took it home.  I tightened everything up checked the cord all out, put a bulb in it and plugged it in....again...angels singing....light surrounding this beauty...(cause it freakin works)

Now I have a perfectly good lamp that I have seen similar ones at Lowes for $150.00+ pretty awesome!!!!  


Don't ever be afraid to stop and just look at what people are throwing never know what you will find. :)

Happy pickin!

Ps: What is the coolest thing you have found on a curb?