Coffee Table Upcycle


Ever since I received my Christmas present... a leather sectional.... see picture


I have been looking for a coffee table.... the one we had previously that I made out of discarded wood from a deck tear out was too long.  So I was debating building another one or just buying one.  I searched craigslist....looked at Goodwill, consignment shops...etc.  Then one day two weeks ago I stopped in this little antique shop and there it was. It was the perfect height and I really liked the fact that it was round and not square or oval.  I felt like a round piece would work better with the sectional.... I don't know why I just did.

The best part....$16.00 was what they wanted! I couldn't believe it, no way could this really be 16 bucks.  Well I promptly snatched that thing up, paid for it and took it home.  I was tickled that I got it for such a good deal.

After I got it home I then realized that the top had  a laminate top....oh no!!!! No way was I going to have a laminate toped coffee table!  I thought maybe I could peel it way that was going to happen.  So I thought well I may have to just keep looking for one.

Then...out of the box thinking sprung in.... what does the bottom look like?  I flipped it over and saw real wood! YAY... it is real wood, oh sure it had some holes and a very strange color of rust looking paint in spots but I knew I could work with this.

I took the whole thing apart and began to sand...and sand, filled in the holes..about 20 of them to be exact with wood filler...



I then stained the top with Min-wax red mahogany mixed with just a little bit of ebony......that still wasn't quite what I wanted so I rather hap hazzardly spray painted with black paint all over and then wiped off just like I would with a stain.  That worked wonderfully! I know very unconventional...but that's how I roll.

I then painted the bottom with some left over chalk paint from my hutch redo. I sealed the top with 3 coats of satin polyurethane.  I think it turned out really good.  I love the deep color of the top and the contrast with the bottom paint.

What do ya think?  How about you... have you done some unconventional technique that turned out fantastic? I would love to hear your story


I just love how the top looks!