Curb Pickin!

One of my favorite things to do is to go “curb pickin” every month when our city has big trash day.  I can't believe what people throw out!   I have found cool vases, night stands, an awesome wing back chair, out-door chairs, etc... the list goes on and on including my next project.  

Well my latest pick was the day before yesterday, I dropped my son off at school and then went looking.......2 blocks later.....(the sound of heavenly angels singing.... with a bright light surrounding this fantastic find) lol

There...lying next to the curb was this beauty:IMG_0957

I couldn't believe it! I thought I could take it apart and do something with it... I knew that I could find some use for it, so I picked that baby up and took it home.  I tightened everything up checked the cord all out, put a bulb in it and plugged it in....again...angels singing....light surrounding this beauty...(cause it freakin works)

Now I have a perfectly good lamp that I have seen similar ones at Lowes for $150.00+ pretty awesome!!!!  


Don't ever be afraid to stop and just look at what people are throwing never know what you will find. :)

Happy pickin!

Ps: What is the coolest thing you have found on a curb?

From Bed to Bench!

Well I can finally check off of my things to make list, a head and footboard turned into a bench! Yay :)   I know, I know you see these all over DIY blogs but I have been wanting to make one since the first time I saw one.  Mission accomplished!   

I found the bed at Habitat for Humanity resale store for $10.00 and couldn't pass it up.  By the way that is the place to go to buy paint or anything else you might be looking for... Always try there first. 

This is what it looked like before:IMG_0948

It was pretty easy to do....after making 3 trips to home depot for cheep lumber and brackets.  IMG_0949 IMG_0950 IMG_0951

I took my time with this and didn't try to hurry any just get it done.  I painted with my DIY chalk paint 3 coats and then poly coated the whole thing.  I think it turned out fabulous and is a great addition to my entryway.  Perfect for sitting down to put on those boots!  

My hubby said "I thought you were going to sell it"?  How could I..... It was my first one......always have to keep the "first one"!  I just couldn't bring myself to part with this one... after all I have been wanting one for quite some time.  It now has a home in my entry.  IMG_0954 IMG_0955 IMG_0956 IMG_0958 IMG_0961

By the way...... am I the only woman DIYer who is driving her hubby crazy with all of the creating going on?  I would love to hear your stories or is it really just me?

The little shelf has been out in my shop waiting for a redo for sometime now, I thought that it looked perfect to pair with the bench.  So I painted it the same color and hung it above.  The red that you see on the front is glass beads that I hot glued to the front to cover holes that previously had screws in. (I ran out of wood filler and was not going to make a fourth trip to Home Depot) so I just made it work. :)

Upcycled Table/I've Got Time!

How many times do you go shopping and see something that you would love to have but knew that there was NO WAY you were going to pay what they were asking for it?  Ok so if you are like me that is pretty much every time you walk out the door.  Well I had one of those times a few days ago.  I went looking around at one of my favorite places.. Hobby Lobby.  I love love love that store, anyway I found thisIMG_0928

I loved the look, the size, the old world look but hated the price, even half, off there was no way I was going to pay 100 bucks or even 50 for that matter. I then remembered that I have a table at home in the shop that I might be able to create the clock I want for a fraction of what I would have to pay in a store.

I picked up the clock mechanism and hands in the craft isle for about $13.00 and went home to get started.


I did a lot of sanding, painting removed the hardware from the table bottom.  I also painted whole thing, then using cardboard cutouts of the V, X and I , I traced them onto the clock face and then hand painted with acrylic paint inside the numbers. After everything had dried I sanded the whole thing to give it that "just found in a barn" look.  I then stained  whole thing with min-wax in Jacobean. IMG_0936 IMG_0937

Now you might think I was getting close to finishing.....well no way! It was about this time that I realized that the table was too thick for the mechanism to fit through and be able to swing the arms around.  CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!! Now what am I going to do!

I was so frustrated and aggravated I turned the shop light off, slammed the door and   poured myself a glass of wine, sat down on the couch and started looking around for a place to use a decorative NON working clock, a huge decorative NON working clock.

Then it hit me, (after a full glass of wine) I will drill it out, literally, use that bit that you put on a drill for making holes in doors, well, if I don't drill it all the way through and chisel out to the right depth I could make it work.  THATS JUST WHAT I DID!!!! It took some working with it and a little sweat but I did it!!!

IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0946 IMG_0947

I love this clock! It isn't perfect, but it's perfect enough for me! It is keeping perfect time too. :)  I think it looks great above the fireplace.  What do you think? I would love to hear your comments.... I have a little extra time on my hands now. lol :)


Hutch Masterpiece

This is my hutch that was given to me years ago by my aunt.  It has great bones and it didn't really look awfull, it just seemed out dated...I don't know... I just wanted change....I was itching to make my own chalk paint and this was one of those projects that I kept putting off cause I was a little intimidated...  I mean look at it

 It's hugeIMG_0820

Even Granny would love it!

This was a box that used to contain my grandmothers "good silverware." After getting tired of all the silverware in the drawer ending up dirty all the time..... we only had a set of 8 each of everything. I thought wait a minute.. I have all that silverware in that box in my hutch..just sitting there waiting for that "special occasion." What could be more special than never running out of silverware again??????  So I filled my cabinet drawer to the brim.....yep... I even have tea spoons now! :) I then was left with this ugly box that it sat in.....hmmmm whats a girl to do..... I know.... Dollar store contact paper!!!!!

The box was in such bad shape...

I knew I couldn't hurt it...                                                                  

Now it sits proudly in my office and is the perfect size for putting paper for my printer in.                                                                                                                                    
What have you done with contact paper? I would love to see your ideas.



Coffee Table Upcycle


Ever since I received my Christmas present... a leather sectional.... see picture


I have been looking for a coffee table.... the one we had previously that I made out of discarded wood from a deck tear out was too long.  So I was debating building another one or just buying one.  I searched craigslist....looked at Goodwill, consignment shops...etc.  Then one day two weeks ago I stopped in this little antique shop and there it was. It was the perfect height and I really liked the fact that it was round and not square or oval.  I felt like a round piece would work better with the sectional.... I don't know why I just did.

The best part....$16.00 was what they wanted! I couldn't believe it, no way could this really be 16 bucks.  Well I promptly snatched that thing up, paid for it and took it home.  I was tickled that I got it for such a good deal.

After I got it home I then realized that the top had  a laminate top....oh no!!!! No way was I going to have a laminate toped coffee table!  I thought maybe I could peel it way that was going to happen.  So I thought well I may have to just keep looking for one.

Then...out of the box thinking sprung in.... what does the bottom look like?  I flipped it over and saw real wood! YAY... it is real wood, oh sure it had some holes and a very strange color of rust looking paint in spots but I knew I could work with this.

I took the whole thing apart and began to sand...and sand, filled in the holes..about 20 of them to be exact with wood filler...



I then stained the top with Min-wax red mahogany mixed with just a little bit of ebony......that still wasn't quite what I wanted so I rather hap hazzardly spray painted with black paint all over and then wiped off just like I would with a stain.  That worked wonderfully! I know very unconventional...but that's how I roll.

I then painted the bottom with some left over chalk paint from my hutch redo. I sealed the top with 3 coats of satin polyurethane.  I think it turned out really good.  I love the deep color of the top and the contrast with the bottom paint.

What do ya think?  How about you... have you done some unconventional technique that turned out fantastic? I would love to hear your story


I just love how the top looks!


My favorite cabinet..... upcycled!

IMG_0890 this is really one of my  favorite cabinets.  This was given to me by my mother in law several years ago and I have  always loved it.  It originally started out a green color.  I painted it about 5 years ago the color that  you see in the picture.  

I have been wanting to redo this for quite some time and was the day.  I knew that I could knock this one out pretty quickly.  My granddaughters are staying with me so I couldn't get out in the shop and this was a piece that I could easily do in my office.

I mixed up some pain from two different colors that I had left from previous projects and added some plaster of paris to make some chalk paint.  I spray painted the knobs black and let them dry while I worked on the cabinet.  I then painted the whole thing using a brush...leaving the visible brush marks to show.  I wanted that look.   After letting it dry, I went over the whole thing with a light sanding.  Instead of adding a stain over the top I just applied Minwax paste finishing wax over the whole thing.  I also lightly sanded the top and applied Minwax red mahogany to the wood on top.  I am in love with this piece all over again!  The turquoise color came out fantastic and the black that shows through from the previous painting really gives it that wonderful rustic aged look.  Let me know what you think.


IMG_0895 IMG_0894 IMG_0891

Wrapping station


This was given to me by my mother who just didn't have any room for it.  I was thrilled to get it but it didn't really go with my decor style.  It originally had glass shelves in it and was meant to house " what nots".  I am not much of a what not kind of decorator. I like certain collections but having an entire curio cabinet full is just not my thing.  Anyway, this was a reproduction... so I wasn't afraid to work a little magic to it.  I removed the glass shelves, the ugly lion head hardware, sanded, painted, did a little distressing and stained it.  In the process I also built the shelf and added holes for dowels to hold my wrapping paper and TADA!!!!! A wrapping station.... I didn't even know that I needed a wrapping station....But I love it in my office and even my hubby thought it was very cool!


wrapping station