Shop talk


 Power tools!!! I absolutely love power tools.
 I am one of those women who loves Home Depot way more than Dillards any day.  I recently inheritied my fathers tools and I am in the process of converting my garage into my shop.  I still have another load to get and I have been busy organizing where to put all the cool gadgets.  Daddy loved wood working and enjoyed having high quality tools to do it.  I guess that I have taken after him in that aspect.  I am anxiously looking forward to getting started on all sorts of projects.  Unfortunately mother nature has other plans..... It is just too stinkin cold outside to really dive into anything, as a matter of fact it is too cold to get the next load of things from his shop!  Soooo I wait and I wait.  Yesterday we had a brief day of fantastic weather... 70 degrees was the temperature and so I dove into organizing the "shop" to spark some creative energy.

The bench in the above picture was in a box and had never been put together at my dad's. It is perfect for sitting at and doing intricate work. The light that is connected to it has a magnified glass on it and is perfect to do anything that would require a upclose look at it. The next shot is my supply section. Paints, stains, nobs, screws etc...

My favorite thing so far is the table saw. I love it!! How did I ever live without it? I have had it about 4 weeks now and have already used it atleast half a dozen times. I also like the drill press.... haven't used it yet but I am looking forward to it.

IMG_0877 IMG_0876 IMG_0872 IMG_0874

 There is also a collection of future projects.... again waiting on the weather. I plan on creating a "mom's command center" and a entry bench. I will post the before and after pictures when complete.


 Having a place where you are free to create what your minds eye is visualizing is critical to getting the project done.  This space for me is my "shop".  I love the way that sounds.... MY SHOP.  Of course occasionally I let my husband in long as he doesn't touch anything...:)

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